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 Yahoo Pyramids International (Pyramids Game) Updated: 4/30/2014 
This game is not currently functioning, as Yahoo! are upgrading their games.
You can play similar Card Games on Pogo.

International, Single Player, Group Chat - How to Play Pyramids Game
Clear the board of cards and collect the most points possible.
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Geheimgang beginner (Pyramiden)
Isis und Osiris advanced (Pyramiden)
Kanopenecke intermediate (Pyramiden)
Nephtys und Seth social (Pyramiden)
Pharaonenhalle social (Pyramiden)
Pyramidenspitze social (Pyramiden)
Schatzkammer beginner (Pyramiden)
Sonnenkammer advanced (Pyramiden)
Sphinxtreff intermediate (Pyramiden)

Abou Simbel generation x (Pyramides)
Akhenaton everyone (Pyramides)
Amenophis IV everyone (Pyramides)
Champollion everyone (Pyramides)
Gebobola 1er everyone (Pyramides)
Khéops everyone (Pyramides)
La vallée du Nil everyone (Pyramides)
Le Sphinx everyone (Pyramides)
Le temple de Louxor everyone (Pyramides)
Louvre ados (Pyramides)
Nefertiti everyone (Pyramides)
Ramses everyone (Pyramides)
Ramses II everyone (Pyramides)
Toutankhamon everyone (Pyramides)
Chefren beginner (Piramide)
Cheope baby boomers (Piramide)
Micerino beginner (Piramide)
Gizeh social (Pirámides)
Kefren social (Pirámides)
Keops social (Pirámides)
La gran Esfinge social (Pirámides)
La Momia social (Pirámides)
Maldicion de Tatanjamon social (Pirámides)
Micerinos social (Pirámides)
Solitaro El Cairo social (Pirámides)
Templo de Debod social (Pirámides)
Tumba de Amenhotep I social (Pirámides)

Baby Boomers
Gen X'ers 1
Gen X'ers 2
Gen Y'ers
Golden Years
Baby Boomers 1
Baby Boomers 2
Everyone 1
Everyone 2
Gen X'ers 1
Gen X'ers 2
Golden Years 1
Golden Years 2
Keops social
Piramide de cartas social
Teotihuacan social (Pirámides)

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