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 Yahoo Pool International (Billiards) Updated: 4/30/2014 
This game is not currently functioning, as Yahoo! are upgrading their games.
You can play Pool Pogo instead.

International, 2 Players, Chat - How to Play Pool
8-ball: pocket a set of object balls, 1-7 or 9-15, then the 8-ball. 9-ball: play with 9 balls (1-9) plus the cue ball, with each shot the cue ball must first contact the lowest ball or it is a foul.
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Acht Lacht social (Billard)
Anfangergluck social (Billard)
Augenmass intermediate (Billard)
Bandenkracher social (Billard)
Besser als du beginner (Billard)
Billard Arena social (Billard)
Billard Center social (Billard)
Billardkeller intermediate (Billard)
Boys Only social (Billard)
Cool Pool beginner (Billard)
Effetstos social (Billard)
Flirt Billard social (Billard)
Girls Only social (Billard)
Gluckspilz beginner (Billard)
Halbe und Volle social (Billard)
Hau rein intermediate (Billard)
Kindertisch social (Billard)
Las Vegas social (Billard)
Meisterstos advanced (Billard)
Pi mal Daumen social (Billard)
Pool Party social (Billard)
Profis unter sich advanced (Billard)
Schneller Stos social (Billard)
Single-Treff social (Billard)
Spass muss sein social (Billard)
Stars and Stripes social (Billard)
Wer wagt gewinnt beginner (Billard)
Zielgenau social (Billard)

1, 2, 3 Billard beginner (Billard)
Angle mort beginner (Billard)
Billard Academy social (Billard)
Billard Palace beginner (Billard)
Billard Party beginner (Billard)
Boule en main social (Billard)
Brother In Arms beginner (Billard)
Cinema Billard beginner (Billard)
Dragon Pool intermediate (Billard)
Francozen Gaule beginner (Billard)
Galaxy Pool beginner (Billard)
La canne a ri social (Billard)
La couleur de l'argent social (Billard)
La Licorne Ball social (Billard)
L'académie du billard social (Billard)
L'arnaqueur social (Billard)
L'auberge du désespoir social (Billard)
Le billard hanté social (Billard)
Le jeu de la huit social (Billard)
Le Professionnel advanced (Billard)
Le Professionnel 2 advanced (Billard)
Le tapis vert social (Billard)
Le triangle maudit social (Billard)
Les dieux du billard social (Billard)
Les maîtres-queues intermediate (Billard)
Les rois de la huit social (Billard)
Les trois bandes social (Billard)
Net Bill@rd social (Billard)
Pool Master social (Billard)
Pool Paradize beginner (Billard)
Pool Position social (Billard)
Québec entre amis social (Billard)
Tom Cat's Pool intermediate (Billard)
Tournoi de l'Amitié social (Billard)
Un billard sinon rien social (Billard)
World Wide Bill@rd social (Billard)
Bar di Eddie social (Biliardo)
Buca d'angolo social (Biliardo)
Gessetto Pro advanced (Biliardo)
Gli Spacconi social (Biliardo)
Il Gessetto social (Biliardo)
Il Solito Posto social (Biliardo)
La bilia social (Biliardo)
La Sponda social (Biliardo)
La Stecca social (Biliardo)
L'arena del biliardo intermediate (Biliardo)
L'Olimpo dei Campioni social (Biliardo)
Professionisti e dilettanti social (Biliardo)
Quelli che il biliardo... social (Biliardo)
Tiro ad effetto social (Biliardo)
Tiro Mancino social (Biliardo)
A dos bandas social (Billar)
Amigos del billar social (Billar)
Ancoras advanced (Billar)
Artistas social (Billar)
Banda social (Billar)
Billar americano social (Billar)
Billar y amistad beginner (Billar)
Bola 8 social (Billar)
Bola blanca social (Billar)
Bola de marfil social (Billar)
Bola en mano social (Billar)
Bola magica intermediate (Billar)
Bola negra social (Billar)
Bolar de entrenamiento beginner (Billar)
Carambola social (Billar)
Choque de bolas social (Billar)
El profesional advanced (Billar)
Ganadores natos advanced (Billar)
Grandes retos intermediate (Billar)
Grandes rivales advanced (Billar)
Juego por diversion beginner (Billar)
Libre social (Billar)
Lisas beginner (Billar)
Maestros del billar advanced (Billar)
Mesa abierta social (Billar)
Moscas advanced (Billar)
No hay rival pequeno intermediate (Billar)
Palo y tiza beginner (Billar)
Partida rapida beginner (Billar)
Pirámide intermediate (Billar)
Primeros toques beginner (Billar)
Punto de pie social (Billar)
Rastrillo social (Billar)
Rayadas beginner (Billar)
Rompe la negra beginner (Billar)
Snooker social (Billar)
Taco social (Billar)
Tiro anunciado social (Billar)
Tiro combinado social (Billar)
Tiro por banda social (Billar)
Tiza social (Billar)
Training day beginner (Billar)
Tres bandas social (Billar)
Triangulo social (Billar)
Tronera intermediate (Billar)
Devils Own intermediate
Fluke beginner
Golden Balls social
Hustlers advanced
In Off beginner
In-Off social
On the Rack social
Set em Up social
Spots intermediate
Stripes intermediate
Touching Cloth social
Two Shots advanced
U Break social
Aussie Ringers
Champions Pool
Outback Legends
Pub Rules 4
Shootin' Stick

Beginner 1
Beginner 2
Beginner 3
Social 01
Social 02
Social 03
Social 04
Social 05
Social 06
Social 07
Social 08
Social 09
Social 10
Social 11
Social 12
Social 13
Social 14
Advanced 1
Advanced 2
Advanced 3
Beginner 01
Beginner 02
Beginner 03
Beginner 04
Beginner 05
Beginner 06
Beginner 07
Beginner 08
Beginner 09
Beginner 10
Beginner 11
Beginner 12
Beginner 13
Beginner 14
Beginner 15
Beginner 16
Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2
Intermediate 3
Intermediate 4
Intermediate 5
Social 01
Social 02
Social 03
Social 04
Social 05
Social 06
Social 07
Social 08
Social 09
Social 10
Social 11
Social 12
Social 13
Social 14
Social 15
Social 16
Social 17
Social 18
Social 19
Social 20
Social 21
Social 22
Social 23
Social 24
Social 25
Social 26
Social 27
A dos bandas intermediate
Bola 8 social
Carambola social
Cortinas advanced
Cuentan Las Monedas beginner
El Visitante social
Iguazu intermediate
La cueva social
Las Grutas advanced
Lisas social
Luz Negra intermediate
Mataderos Blues social
Nacional B beginner
Rayadas social
Revancha social
Ruta ganadora beginner
Taco lustrado social
Bar da Esquina social (Bilhar)
Bola 7 social (Bilhar)
Bola Branca social (Bilhar)
Caçapa do Meio social (Bilhar)
Carambola social (Bilhar)
Corte no Canto social (Bilhar)
Giz Azul social (Bilhar)
Mario Bone social (Bilhar)
Mata-mata social (Bilhar)
Pares e Impares social (Bilhar)
Sinuca de Bico social (Bilhar)
Tacada de Mestre social (Bilhar)
Aqui nos quedamos intermediate (Billar)
Bandoleros social (Billar)
Bar Imperio social (Billar)
Bolas rapidas social (Billar)
Bolas rapidas social (Billar)
El color del dinero advanced (Billar)
El Jardin beginner (Billar)
La guarida social (Billar)
Salon de atras social (Billar)
Tijuana Si social (Billar)
Bichito social
Bola ocho beginner
Circulo de oro social
El color del dinero intermediate
El Pano social
Hipervago advanced
La tiza social
Lisas y rayadas beginner
Matar la tarde social
Tacos de bola social
Taqueria social

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