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 Yahoo Pinochle International Updated: 4/30/2014 
This game is not currently functioning, as Yahoo! are upgrading their games.
You can play Pinochle Pogo instead.

International, 4 Players, 2 Partnerships, Chat - How to Play Pinochle
Be the first partnership to score 500 or more points.
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Il Covo delle Serpi social (Pinnacolo)
La Tavola Rotonda beginner (Pinnacolo)

A la tercera va la vencida social (Pináculo)
Descenso del Sella intermediate (Pináculo)
Escondite beginner (Pináculo)
La batalla de Covadonga advanced (Pináculo)
Greyhound Track advanced
Irish Stew social
Round Holes beginner
Spit & Polish intermediate
Advanced Lounge
Social Lounge
Beginners Luck beginner
Black Diamond Run advanced
Champagne Charlies social
Silent Majority intermediate

Advanced Lounge 1
Advanced Lounge 2
Advanced Lounge 3
Beginner Lounge 1
Beginner Lounge 2
Beginner Lounge 3
Intermediate Lounge 1
Intermediate Lounge 2
Intermediate Lounge 3
Social Lounge 1
Social Lounge 2
Social Lounge 3
Los Triunfadores social (Pináculo)

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