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 Yahoo Mahjong Solitaire International Updated: 4/30/2014 
This game is not currently functioning, as Yahoo! are upgrading their games.
You can play Mahjong Garden or Mahjong Safari instead.

International, Single Player, Chat - How to Play Mahjong Solitaire
Clear the playing area of tiles by matching pairs. You may only remove a pair of tiles if there are no pieces directly to its left or right, or if there are no pieces directly above any part of it.
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Chinesische Mauer social (Mah-Jongg)
Hans im Gl├╝ck social (Mah-Jongg)
Hong King Kong social (Mah-Jongg)
Jajapan social (Mah-Jongg)
Out Of Asia social (Mah-Jongg)
Stein auf Stein social (Mah-Jongg)

Han Gao Zu social
Kun Fu Tzu social
Sun Tse social
Yodatommy social
Fuji social (Mah Jong Solitario)
La Torre di Giada social (Mah Jong Solitario)
Xian social (Mah Jong Solitario)
Barrio chino social (Mahjong Solitario)
Bosque de bambu social (Mahjong Solitario)
Dragon rojo social (Mahjong Solitario)
La ciudad prohibida social (Mahjong Solitario)
La gran muralla social (Mahjong Solitario)
Las grutas de Mogao social (Mahjong Solitario)
Mahjong y ole social (Mahjong Solitario)
Rio Yang-Tse social (Mahjong Solitario)
Rollito de primavera social (Mahjong Solitario)
Viento del este social (Mahjong Solitario)
Social 01
Social 02
Social 03
Social 04
Social 05
Social 06
Social 07
Social 08
Social 09
Social 10

Galletita de la fortuna social (Solitario Mahjong)
Te verde social (Solitario Mahjong)
Tablitas social (Solitario Mah-jong)

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