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 Yahoo Literati International (Scrabble) Updated: 4/30/2014 
This game is not currently functioning, as Yahoo! are upgrading their games.
You can play Scrabble Pogo instead.

International, 2-4 Players, Chat - How to Play Literati
Create words from various letter tiles, and by placing tiles at intersections on the grid. Certain intersections have special values and can increase score.
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Analphabet social
Analphabet_2 social
Analphabet_3 beginner
Analphabet_4 beginner
Analphabet_5 intermediate
Analphabet_6 intermediate
BioReisTeeKisten social
Buchstabenmixer social
Buchstabensalat intermediate
Kreatives Schreiben social
Profi_Analphabet advanced
Sprachforscher social
Worte & Taten social
Wortspiel beginner
Wrterbuchchecker advanced

Apollinaire social
Aragon social
Artaud intermediate
Balzac beginner
Baudelaire social
Borges advanced
Boulgakov advanced
Breton intermediate
Desnos intermediate
Dumas beginner
Eluard social
Flaubert beginner
Hugo social
Joyce advanced
Mallarmé social
Musset social
Nerval social
Orwell advanced
Prevert intermediate
Prévert social
Queneau intermediate
Rimbaud social
Stendhal beginner
Verlaine social
Zola beginner
Zweig advanced
Amici di Dante social
Dolce Stilnovo social
Dotti social
Le Tessere social
Lessico incrociato social
Letterine e letterati social
Medici social
Parolieri social
Professori social
Sapienti social
Sette lettere social
Soltanto parole social
Aprendizaje beginner
Artesano de la palabra advanced
Ciencias o Letras social
Competicion intermediate
Ene y ole intermediate
Juntaletras social
Letrado social
Nacara advanced
Name social
Nandú social
Napa social
Naque social
Nauar social
Nora social
Norba beginner
Norda beginner
Nusta intermediate
Palabreria social
Real Academia social
Silabas beginner
Sopa de letras social
Budding poets intermediate
Caution - word scientists advanced
Down the pub social
First Words beginner
Novice social
Somanywords social
Wordsworth social

Dictionary Editors advanced
Bakwaaz Boli social
Kurukshetra beginner
Ustaad Kholi advanced
Dictionary Editors advanced
Literati social
Literati beginner
Advanced Lounge 1
Advanced Lounge 2
Beginner Lounge 1
Beginner Lounge 2
Intermediate Lounge 1
Intermediate Lounge 2
Social Lounge 1
Social Lounge 2
Colonia Vela social
Cronopios social
Crucigrama beginner
El escribidor social
Etcétera social
Gerundios intermediate
Gulubu social
La Docta intermediate
Macondo social
Palabreros advanced
Sopa de letras social
Trabalenguas beginner
Abecé beginner
Académicos Advanced advanced
Apalabrados social
Linguistas entrenados intermediate
Superlativa intermediate
Adjetivos beginner
Bla bla bla social
Diccionario con patas advanced
Las vocales social
Parangaricutirimícuaro intermediate
Prosa intermediate
Raton de biblioteca social
Sabelotodo social
Tumbaburros advanced
Verbos beginner

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