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 Yahoo JTs Blocks International Updated: 4/30/2014 
This game is not currently functioning, as Yahoo! are upgrading their games.
You can play similar Online Games on Pogo.

International, Single Player - How to Play JTs Blocks
Clear the board of as many blocks as possible. To clear blocks, two or more blocks of the same color must be touching.
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Blockhaus social
Blockhütte social
Blocktober social
Blockwurst social
Cafe Viereck social
Viereckspiel social

Abracadabriques social (Blocktail)
Bric à brac social (Blocktail)
Les rois de la brique social (Blocktail)
Pour cent briques... social (Blocktail)
Colpo d'occhio social
Il Muro social
Spaccablocchi social
Alcazar de Segovia social (Bloques)
Alcazar de Toledo social (Bloques)
Catedral de Burgos social (Bloques)
El Pilar social (Bloques)
La Alhambra social (Bloques)
La Pedrera social (Bloques)
La Sagrada Familia social (Bloques)
La tacita de plata social (Bloques)
Muralla romana de Lugo social (Bloques)
Palacio Real de Olite social (Bloques)
Puerta de Alcala social (Bloques)
Rascacielos social (Bloques)
Teatro romano de Merida social (Bloques)
Blockboard social
Blockheads social
Blockout social

Social 1
Social 2
Social 3
Social 4
Social 5
Social 6
Social 7
Social 8
Social 1
Social 2
Social 3
Social 4
Social 5
Social 6
Social 7
Social 8
Blokeado social (Bloques)
Bloques dementes social (Bloques)
Albanil social (Bloques)
Castillo social (Bloques)
Trinchera social (Bloques)

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