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 Yahoo Hearts International (Hearts Game) Updated: 4/30/2014 
This game is not currently functioning, as Yahoo! are upgrading their games.
You can play Hearts Pogo instead.

International, 4 Players, Chat - How to Play Hearts Game
Try to get the lowest score by avoiding taking tricks containing hearts and the queen of spades.
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Screen: 800x600 | Yahoo Alias: View: Global Rooms | International Rooms
Die guten Vier intermediate
Freundeskreis social
Kinderstube beginner
Stammtisch social
Zockerstube advanced

Bistro spatial social (Dame de Pique)
Clan des éclaireurs intermediate (Dame de Pique)
Comptoir des pionniers beginner (Dame de Pique)
L'homme qui tombe à pique social (Dame de Pique)
Pique assiette social (Dame de Pique)
Repère des accros advanced (Dame de Pique)
La Tana del Giaguaro social
La Trappola beginner
L'Indovino intermediate
Presa Vincente advanced
Camino de Santiago intermediate (Corazones)
Corazon espinado social (Corazones)
El que sigue la consigue social (Corazones)
Peonza beginner (Corazones)
Rompecorazones social (Corazones)
Waterloo advanced (Corazones)
Elephant's Castle advanced
Nose to the Grindstone intermediate
Soda Bread social
Square Pegs beginner
Corporate Boardroom advanced
Living Room social
Khajuraho Camp social
Corporate Boardroom advanced
Living Room social
Broken Hearts beginner
Crush Corner social
Love Rules advanced
Playing the Field intermediate
Social 1
Advanced 1
Advanced 2
Beginner 1
Beginner 2
Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2
Social 2
Social 3
Social 4
Social 5
Social 6
Social 7
Social 8
Social 9
Advanced Lounge 1
Advanced Lounge 2
Advanced Lounge 3
Beginner Lounge 1
Beginner Lounge 2
Beginner Lounge 3
Intermediate Lounge 1
Intermediate Lounge 2
Intermediate Lounge 3
Social Lounge 1
Social Lounge 2
Social Lounge 3

Corazon valiente beginner
Corazonadas social
La viuda negra advanced
Rompecorazones intermediate
Sala da Amizade social (Copas)
Sala dos Desafios social (Copas)
Toca do Coelho social (Copas)
Corazones Salvajes social (Corazones)
El amigo imaginario intermediate (Corazones)
Escondidas beginner (Corazones)
La viuda advanced (Corazones)
Ociosos social (Corazones)

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