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 Yahoo Cribbage International Updated: 4/30/2014 
This game is not currently functioning, as Yahoo! are upgrading their games.
You can play Cribbage Pogo instead.

International, 2 or 4 Players, Chat - How to Play Cribbage
Be the first to score 121 points or over, which is the same as going around the board twice and then moving one more point. Points are scored for combinations of cards.
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Rendez-vous lacte social

Al pan pan y al vino vino social
Escondite beginner
San Miguel City social (Patrocinador)
Beans on Toast social
One For His Nob social
Shark Tank advanced
So-So intermediate
Tooting Bec Rec beginner
Advanced Lounge
Social Lounge
Black Diamond Run advanced
Middle of the Road intermediate
Social Butterflies social
Starting Blocks beginner

29 Points! advanced
Fifteen-Two social
Go beginner
Match The Jack intermediate

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