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 Yahoo Checkers International (Draughts, Dama) Updated: 4/30/2014 
This game is not currently functioning, as Yahoo! are upgrading their games.
You can play Checkers Pogo instead.

International, 2 Players, Chat - How to Play Checkers
Capture or blockade your opponent's pieces by jumping your pieces over them. If neither player accomplish this, the game is a draw. Reach the opposite side of the checker board to make a King!
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Beginners Bude beginner (Dame)
Berliner Kiez social (Dame)
Besserwisser Baustelle intermediate (Dame)
Profis Paradies advanced (Dame)

Bal des débutants beginner (Dames)
Coin des débrouillards intermediate (Dames)
Comptoir cosmique social (Dames)
Salon des initiés advanced (Dames)
Il Covo delle Serpi social (Dama)
La Dama bianca social (Dama)
La Dama nera social (Dama)
La Tavola Rotonda beginner (Dama)
L'Indovino intermediate (Dama)
Presa Vincente advanced (Dama)
Bajada del Vero intermediate (Damas)
Chapas beginner (Damas)
El que sigue la consigue social (Damas)
Hablando del rey de Roma social (Damas)
La de Elche social (Damas)
Las Meninas social (Damas)
Waterloo advanced (Damas)
Mosh Pit advanced
Muck & Brass intermediate
Romper Suits beginner
Sunday Roast social
Challenge Trophy advanced
Kitchen Table social
India Gate social
Janta Darbar social
Challenge Trophy advanced
Kitchen Table social
Emu Crescent social
Middle of the Road intermediate
Snake Basket advanced
Starting Blocks beginner

Advanced 1
Advanced 2
Beginner 1
Beginner 2
Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2
Social 1
Social 2
Advanced Lounge
Beginner Lounge
Intermediate Lounge
Social Lounge
Doncella social (Damas)
Duquesa beginner (Damas)
Princesa intermediate (Damas)
Reina advanced (Damas)
Castelo do Pelicano social (Damas)
Sala da Amizade social (Damas)
Sala dos Confrontos social (Damas)
El lugar de Gabriela social (Damas)
La sala de Gabriela social (Damas)
Para señoritas social (Damas)
Salto Doble social (Damas)
Canicas beginner (Damas)
La 'ltima y nos vamos intermediate (Damas)
Los caones advanced (Damas)
Ociosos social (Damas)

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