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 Yahoo Backgammon International Updated: 4/30/2014 
This game is not currently functioning, as Yahoo! are upgrading their games.
You can play Backgammon Pogo instead.

International, 2 Players, Chat - How to Play Backgammon
Move all your 15 checkers (pieces) to your inner table, then bear them off (remove them from the table). The first player to bear off all of their pieces wins the game.
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Bayrischer Wald social
Beginner Bude beginner
Besserwisser Baustelle intermediate
Hamburger Hafen social
Kreisverkehr social
Profis Paradies advanced
Steinschlag social

Au Rendez-Vous social
Bal des débutants beginner
Café des étoiles social
Coin des débrouillards intermediate
Le Pélican Palace social
Repère des accros advanced
Dadi e pedine social
Il Covo delle Serpi social
Il Giocoliere intermediate
La Trappola beginner
Scacco Matto advanced
A la tercera va la vencida social
Camino de Santiago intermediate
Casilla dorada social
Encerrona social
Escondite beginner
Gammon social
Lepanto advanced
Bacon Butties social
Shark Tank advanced
So-So intermediate
Wendy House beginner
Sunday Gamers social
Karnataka Killers beginner
Leh Lagoon social
Shakuni Mama social
Sunday Gamers social

Average Alley intermediate
Dog House social
Goat Trip beginner
Snake Basket advanced
Advanced 1
Advanced 2
Beginner 1
Beginner 2
Intermediate 1
Intermediate 2
Social 1
Social 2
Advanced Lounge
Beginner Lounge
Intermediate Lounge
Social Lounge
Chaquete social
Gammon advanced
Shebesh intermediate
Tablas reales beginner
Jaula de Leones social
Los Chamos social
Los pibes social
Canicas beginner
Changuitos advanced
Medio tiempo intermediate
Recreo social

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