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 Change your Yahoo! Alias number

If you're not using your main ID at Yahoo! (i.e. If you're using an Alias), enter the Alias Number in the box below, and click 'Save'.

By doing this, you're customizing all Yahoo! backdoors to include your Alias Number, so you won't need to re-select this Number every time you want to log in to a game room.

You can change this Alias Number at any time. Link to this page on top of right menu >>>

Note: If you're facing any problems in saving the Alias Number, make sure that Cookies are enabled in your browser. Click for details.
Enter Alias Number:

Please read the following if you need help to know your Yahoo! Alias Number.

 What is an Alias?  Top

An Alias is the ID / UserName / Identity you're using to play games at Yahoo!

The following instructions only apply if you're not using your main Yahoo! ID. i.e. other than the first Yahoo! ID that shows when you enter game rooms.

Yahoo! assigns each of your Aliases a number. These numbers are not necessarily consecutive. Your Main ID (the first one) always holds Number 1, but the Numbers of the Aliases might be something like 3, 6, 8, 11 etc.

 Why do I need to know the Alias Number?  Top

Yahoo! allows any player to use more than 1 Alias to login to game rooms. By clicking on any backdoor link, you will be logged in to the game rooms with your Main Yahoo ID (the First One). If you wish to login with another ID (an Alias), you will have to know and provide the number of that Alias.

If you choose a wrong number, 2 things might happen:

  • Either you will be logged in with one of your other Aliases.
  • OR you will get the following error message
    "Your request to login to Yahoo! games was denied because we were unable to authenticate your user ID."
 How can I find out what's my Alias Number?  Top

Following are 2 ways to do so:

  1. Checking the URL of the Game Room: This is sort of an easy way to get the Alias Number, and you can apply it following the steps below:

    • Go to any Yahoo! Game Page such as Backgammon Page at:

    • Select from the list of your IDs the Alias you want to use.

    • Click on one of the game rooms.

    • IMMEDIATELY once a new window opens, and BEFORE the page starts loading, click ESC (Escape) on your Keyboard. This will result in stopping the page from loading.

    • Right-click anywhere in the middle of page. When a menu shows, select 'Properties'.

    • A small window will show. Look at the Address (URL) of the page. Your Alias number appears exactly after the 'chat_pf_' part.
      Example: If the URL is
      then your Alias Number is 4.

  2. Checking the HTML Source Code of the Page: This is not a very easy way, but also not very difficult to apply if you follow the steps below:

    • Go to any Yahoo! Game Page such as Backgammon Page at:

    • Go to 'View' menu on your browser. Then select 'Source' or 'Page Source' (depending on your browser).

    • A new window will open that contains lots of Text (HTML code). Don't panic!!!  :)

    • Scroll down through this HTML code (or use 'Search' function) to the lines that look like the following:
      <option value="chat_pf_1" selected>Your_Main_ID
      <option value="chat_pf_2">Your_First_Alias
      <option value="chat_pf_7">Your_Second_Alias
      <option value="chat_pf_12">Your_Third_Alias

    • Each Alias Number is shown in the "chat_pf_" part, and the associated Alias Name is shown to the right. Write down these Aliases Names and Numbers. Notice that the numbers are not serial, and that your main ID (the first one) always gets Number 1.
      In the example above, the number of Your_Third_ Alias is 12.

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