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What are the Affiliate Leagues?

Affiliate Leagues are Leagues, Ladders and Tournament Sites that link to Backdoors.To.

What does each Affiliate League benefit?

  • The League is listed on the related Game Leagues List with other game leagues.
    e.g. a Yahoo! Pool Affiliate League will appear on this page.
  • The League is listed in this section with all other Affiliate Leagues.
  • The League is added to a list of Leagues available to be selected as 'Favorite Leagues' by our users.
    The 'Favorite League' selected by each user appears to him/her on the menu of all site pages details.
How can my League become an Affiliate League?

Just place a link on your Site to Backdoors.To, then fill out the following form.
To link to us using one of our banners, please click here.

 League Information
Play Site: where your League plays
Game: the game played by your League
League Name: e.g. Top League
League URL:
Additional Info:
 Contact Information
Contact Person:
Contact Email:
I have placed a link on my Site to Backdoors.To.

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