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Why is this Backdoors Site better than the other sites?

This Backdoors Site (Backdoors.To) has many features that makes it better than any of the other gaming backdoors sites out there. The following are the main features:

  • Backdoors.To has a comprehensive up-to-date game room links - 199 games and 201368 game rooms in different play sites.

  • It has a nice, consistent and easy-to-navigate layout.

  • It uses easy-to-remember URLs (page addresses), so that you can reach the different backdoor pages easily. Examples:

    Backdoors To Yahoo Chess - can be reached at:

    Backdoors To Pogo Backgammon - can be reached at:


  • It assigns a unique URL (Address) for each specific game room. You can use this URL to link to the room directly from your Site or League Page (This feature is not available on any of the other backdoors sites).

  • It has a very useful feature if you use an Alias at Yahoo instead of your main ID.
    With 1 click, you can customize all Yahoo backdoors to include your Alias Number, so you won't need to re-select this Number every time you want to log in to a game room. details

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